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MaxQuickLoad® Excel Data Loader

Powerful, Easy to Use Data Management Tools

MaxQuickLoad is currently used by the following organizations:

  • City of Ft Collins Utilities
  • Cobb County Water System
  • Defense Information Systems Agency
  • Denver Water
  • General Dynamics Information Systems
  • Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources
  • Los Angeles World Airports
  • Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati
  • NASA Glenn Research Center
  • NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • NASA Kennedy Space Center
  • NASA Langley Research Center
  • Neolpharma
  • Sacramento Area Sewer District
  • STS International
  • University of Texas Medical Branch

Update Maximo From Excel

Quickly map, format, and upload
user spreadsheets into Maximo

Download From Maximo

Download query record sets to Excel
and upload changes back to Maximo.

Update Asset Specifications

Easily manage Asset specifications
using a graphical interface Wizard.


  • Provides a graphical interface to map spreadsheet columns to corresponding MBOs
  • Notifies users if required keys are not mapped
  • Identifies duplicate upload records
  • Checks for valid field length, data type, and format
  • Formats data based on Maximo data type
  • Creates Excel drop down lists of valid domain values
  • Provides a side by side preview of the spreadsheet value vs. the current Maximo value
  • Automatically cleans non printable characters
  • Highlights existing values that will change
  • Identifies records that will be added
  • Loads directly to Maximo. (No need to convert the spreadsheet to XML or CSV file.)
  • Identifies successful updates
  • Highlights any MIF processing errors
  • Displays MIF Error messages in the cell comments
  • Provides for easy review, correction, and reprocessing of rejected records
  • Uses Maximo Object Structure schema to define custom attributes
  • Adjusts datetime values based on user's time zone
  • Easily create required child records, for example locations for asset loads
  • No Maximo configuration or middleware required
  • Is based on the REST API over HTTP
  • Applies user Maximo security restrictions
  • Provides for reuse of repeated uploads

Automate data entry in minutes

Load Excel data into Maximo applications using simple, automated tasks without programming or scripting. Users can easily upload data from multiple spreadsheets, verify fields that will be changed if the record already exists, and address any validation errors before uploading the data to Maximo. MaxQuickLoad supports full MBO validation, applying the same database business rules as when the user enters data in the Maximo application screens.

No Advanced MIF Skills Needed

MaxQuickLoad does not require advanced data loading, database administration, or Maximo Integration Framework (MIF) skills. Designed with end users in mind, MaxQuickLoad has an intuitive interface to make the system easy to learn. Data validation errors are identified early in the loading process, allowing users to correct problems before uploading. With a basic understanding of how to use Microsoft Excel, users can quickly learn how to use MaxQuickLoad.

Review Changes Before Uploading

MaxQuickLoad displays the current Maximo value next to the new value. Values that will change are indicated with a diamond icon and a yellow highlight, allowing you to  quickly identify what will be uploaded.


Domain Drop Down Lists

MaxQuickLoad displays a drop down list of valid domain values for domain based fields.


Graphically Map Maximo Fields


Data Validation Errors Identified Before Uploading


Data validation errors are identified early in the loading process, allowing users to review and correct problems before uploading.

System requirements:
 - Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 and higher
 - Microsoft Excel version: Microsoft Excel 2007 and higher
 - Maximo version: and higher

Works with all Maximo modules, including:

  • Assets, Locations
  • Work Orders
  • Item Master
  • Inventory
  • Companies
  • Preventive Maint
  • PR, PO
  • Receipts
  • Job Plans
  • Safety Plans
  • Inspections
  • Labor
  • Crafts
  • Calendars
  • People
  • System Configuration


Supports all IBM Maximo Industry Solutions, including:

  • Calibration
  • Utilities
  • Oil & Gas
  • Service Providers
  • Nuclear Power
  • Government
  • Transportation
  • Life Sciences